Anahata Acro
Rob & Chloe

The stars aligned and the paths of two lovers intersected and a union was created between them.
After almost a steady year of consistent training later, Anahata Acro was manifested.

Chloe is a yoga teacher and fitness instructor who is
inspired by movement that unifies the body and mind. She encourages those
around her to tap into their power within to break down limitations of the
mind. Acro found her during her teacher training and has changed her life
dramatically and how she sees the world.

Rob is a certified Acrobatics Trainer / Acrofit coach and lifelong fitness
enthusiast. Acro came into his life around the same time as Chloe and he
fell in love with both of them simultaneously. Acro, yoga and gymnastics
have opened his mind and his body to new levels of performance that he
never imagined being able to access due to a life changing injury and

Together they work diligently at introducing everyone they connect with to
this empowering practice whilst embodying love and playfulness and leaving
a little bit of magic everywhere they go
Thank you for following us on our journey.

We can help you reach your goals

Improve Flexibility

Opening up the body is not always about static stretching. Utilize fluid movement to increase active range of motion.

Find Your Tribe!

Coming together with other like-minded souls creates a strong-knit community where you can be your authentic self.

Build Functional Strength

A focus on core strengthening and movement-based exercises lead to a total body performance increase.

Increase Self-esteem

By taking our classes and trusting in yourself you will be amazed at how powerful you already are. This respect will only multiply as you build muscular patterns and develop your body and self-awareness to reach new heights.

Come play with us!

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